Start Feeling It

From about eighth grade on, I planned to teach music. It was what I Really Wanted To Do. I thought about it daily and even attempted to come up with innovative ways to impart the love of and technical ability for music. No one close to me was surprised when I started my college career as a Music Education major. I thought my first semester would be difficult but rewarding. It was an unmitigated disaster. Continue reading

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Different Ovens

One day at work a coworker and I were sharing amusing stories about our relationships when another coworker walked up. He listened for a moment, nodded his head in all the right places, and then said, “Well, I tell you one thing. All I know is men, women, they were made in different ovens.”

“Yeah,” I replied, “Wait, what?

“Men and women. They were made in different ovens.”

“What does that even mean?”

“Men, women. They are different.”

“Well, yeah, I get that. So why not, ‘men and women are cooked differently,’ or ,’at different temperatures,’ or something? Where’s this extra oven come from?”

“I just men they are different.” He’s completely right, of course. Continue reading

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The Day I Knew

I will never forget the first day I saw the girl who eventually became my wife. I won’t forget because that moment is fixed in my memory and I consider it often, lest any of the details fade too much. I also remember it because none of my friends will let me live it down. Continue reading

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I Saw Her Smile

You might want to read what essentially became part one and part two first.

Before my alarm went off, I woke without opening my eyes. I stretched and grinned like an idiot. I let out a deep, contented sigh. I woke up happy. Really happy. The kind of happy usually only reserved for syrupy musical romances. The kind of happy that makes you tell everyone who’ll listen how wonderful a day it is (you also tell everyone who doesn’t listen). I was stupid happy. I thought nothing could sully my mood. I thought. Continue reading

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One Perfect Date

Even though I was never any good at asking women out, I still went on dates. I always wanted one of those dates you see in movies where everything just kind of comes together naturally and provides an amazing time for the couple. I’ll never forget the first time it finally happened for me. The night I had one perfect date. Emphasis on one. Continue reading

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A Rose on the Table

I was never good at asking women out. No matter how smooth I sounded when I practiced (yes, I practiced – don’t judge me), I never managed a level above not quite painfully awkward. Even though I eventually accepted I just don’t have game, I tried again and again anyway. When you usually get a “no,” you have a lot of opportunities. Once though, I almost pulled off the perfect request. Almost. Continue reading

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The Blue Bomb

The car I will always associate with my dad is a blue 1968 Ford Falcon station wagon. It’s the car he drove when I was a little kid. He kept driving it after I grew up. It had a few rust spots, the dash was cracked, and it had the old car smell. Dad named it the Blue Bomb Continue reading

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